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About Us

Quick Facts

November 2009

3801 PGA Blvd, Suite 600
Palm Beach Gardens, FL. 33410

Privately Held

Business Verticals
Multifamily Real Estate; Commercial Real Estate; Auto/Motorcycle; Furniture Rental; Health Care; Technology Services; Customer Service; Employee Incentive Programs

Loyalty and Rewards Platforms

Product Availability
April 2010


INCENTCO LLC offers fully automated, customizable loyalty, rewards and incentive platforms that enables participants to earn points or dollars with redeemable cash value to purchase consumer goods from national retailers in real time.

Who are the Principles?

INCENTCO was founded by technology experts, marketing professionals and experts from multiple industries who incorporated 'best practices' into every aspect of platform development. Since its initial launch, INCENTCO nSpire incentive platforms have captured the attention of many different industries that have unique requirements for a customized loyalty and rewards solution. Employee incentive programs, customer loyalty programs, retention programs, traffic generating programs, business referral programs and sales incentive programs are just a sampling of how INCENTCO technology is being used.

INCENTCO LLC was incorporated in Delaware in 2009. Appropriate trademarks and copyrights have been secured and a patent application has been accepted and is now being processed for proprietary and intellectual property

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